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2024 Single Hive Body with Nuc
  • This option comes with a single 10-frame hive body. These 5-frame nucs are from our over-wintered stock, but the Carniolan queen inside is purchased from a credible queen producer we have used many times in the past. These nucs are available earlier in the spring (late April, early May). Those who purchase these nucs will be provided with a 25% off coupon to purchase one of our locally produced queens later in the season when weather allows us to produce them. 


    • You will receive pick-up instructions via email the week prior to your pick up date.
    • 5-frame nuc
      • 2-3 frames of brood, 1 - 2 frames of honey/pollen - 1 frame may or may not have drawn comb
    • Marked 2024 laying queen
    • Pro Nuc Box for easy transporting is yours to keep
    • Healthy Nuc Guarantee!
    • 25% off for 1 queen (good for 2024)
    • 10 day money back promise
    • No Shipping

    2024 Single Hive Body with Nuc

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