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West Virginia Premium Unmarked Queen Nuc & Single HiveBody
  • Get your West Virginia Premium Nuc for 2024 with an impressive homegrown Carniolan queen.  Our Carniolan queens are grafted from Latshaw breeder queens and mated with our very best over-wintered stock. Your 5-frame nuc includes an UNMARKED 2024 laying queen, a Pro Nuc box for easy transporting, 2-3 frames of brood.  Fifth frame may or may not have drawn comb. Our 10-day money back promise and healthy nuc guarantee makes it easy to enjoy your new bees.  Get the absolute best West Virginia genetics! Considering how these nucs are made with our very own queens, they are available for pick-up in late May (weather permitting).


    This option comes with everything you need to start your own hive. You will have an option of a wax dipped box or a primed and painted box with a telescoping lid, and a bottm board with five addtional frames to fill out your 10-frame box.

    No Shipping of Nuc, farm pickup only

    West Virginia Premium Unmarked Queen Nuc & Single HiveBody