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2024 BEES

Attention West Virginia beekeepers looking to purchase nucs:

Great news! In the Eastern Panhandle, West Virginia offers an agricultural enhancement program tailored for beekeepers. The Eastern Panhandle Conservation District introduces a reimbursement initiative specifically designed for the acquisition of nucs within the state. This marks the inaugural year of the program, and it's crucial to submit your application by February 15 to be eligible!

 The program will reimburse qualifying individuals 75%, up to $200, for the purchase of up to 2 nucs. If you buy 2 nucs totaling $400, the program will reimburse you $200. Similarly, if you opt for just one nuc at $200, the reimbursement would be $150.

To be eligible, all nucs must be produced in West Virginia, feature new queens, have 5 full frames, including honey and pollen, and pass state inspection.

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