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Berkeley's Basswood & Crafted Comb

Immerse yourself in the sweet splendor of Berkeley's Basswood Honey, a golden elixir meticulously gathered from the blossoms of fragrant linden trees gracing the serene meadows of Berkeley Springs. Delicately light and imbued with a subtle floral aroma, this honey bears the unmistakable essence of the region's bountiful basswood blooms.


Paired alongside this exquisite nectar is our Crafted Comb, a labor of love fashioned by our skilled artisans. Each hexagonal chamber bursts with the purest form of nature's sweetness, preserving the honey within. Its perfect symmetry and pristine taste reflect the dedication to preserving the natural integrity of this golden treasure.


Together, this pairing from Berkeley Springs is a testament to the harmony between the land and the craft, offering a sensory journey that encapsulates the purest essence of the region's floral landscape, making each taste a blissful ode to nature's finest offerings.


Each package contains:

1 - 1 lb. Basswood Blend Honey

1 - 12 oz. Honey with Comb

1 - 14 oz. Honeycomb

Berkeley's Basswood & Crafted Comb

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