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       Depending on the variety of crops, growers require one to six colonies per acre. By using our bees to pollinate their fields, growers can usually expect up to 50% more fruit. We want to assure growers a reliable source of bees at a reasonable cost. We maximize the pollination process of your crops by providing healthy, strong, and active hives at the beginning of the bloom.  We provide two story (double deep) quality beehives loaded with bees. We pre-inspect the hives in our holding yards to help ensure strength and quality. We inspect the hives in the orchard/field as necessary and we always have access to extra hives for emergencies.

      We provide pollination services both for farmers who are experienced with using honeybees and for farmers who may never have used honeybees in the past. We would love to talk with you and explain how crop pollination will both increase your yields and produce a better quality crop. We are available to meet with you throughout the year to discuss placement of hives and answer any questions you may have pertaining to the use of bees for pollination.

   Common crops with pollination needs are apples, watermelons, blueberries,  pumpkins, strawberries, cucumbers, squash, alfalfa, cantaloupe, cherries, cranberries, peaches, buckwheat and sunflowers.

The owners of Sleepy Creek Honey standing in a pollinated almond orchard in California.
Bees returning after pollination services.

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